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Welcome to the project

kimWelcome to Triathlon Canada’s new partner portal.

We have created this portal to provide an arena for our passionate sport community to share information, exchange ideas and stay in the loop as we embark in a new era for our sport which will start with a branding strategy.

Why is this important now? Our brand is so much more than our logo. It is a distillation of all that we stand for. It is an expression of our unique promise. It is the articulation of our contribution to our sport and our country. Most importantly, it is how we will project Triathlon Canada as a professional, confident organization with a bold vision for the future. It is our story!

Like any successful brand, Triathlon Canada’s brand will be built from the inside out. As a result, we will be seeking input from our entire community. Our brand needs to align with our strategy and core values, and it will force us to make decisions on where to focus. This process will provide us all with an opportunity to come together and discuss, decide and create the future we want.

We have engaged Taiji Brand Group — a seasoned strategic branding consultancy — to help guide the process, and create a suite of professional, practical tools to help us tell our story better. Chris Dornan, Triathlon Canada’s Communications Manager, will also play a key role in leading us through this process.

As the new CEO of Triathlon Canada, this is an opportunity for me to get to know the community, engage with you and listen to your concerns. You may or may not be aware, but I too have competed in triathlons in Victoria for more than 30 years, and have watched the sport evolve to what it is today.  It is an absolute privilege for me to have the opportunity to marry the passion from my personal and professional life in order to contribute and make a difference to a sport that I care deeply about.

It is my goal to help lead Triathlon Canada back to being a world-leading sport organization. This starts with creating a sound organizational structure with excellence at its core.

I firmly believe creating a solid foundation that makes the way for us to continue to develop and grow will ultimately result in golden performances both on and off the field of play.

We can’t do this alone. It takes a community to build Olympic and Paralympic champions, and we need your support to help us achieve our goals

Please join the discussion, and help shape the future of the sport we all love!

Kim Van Bruggen
CEO, Triathlon Canada