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Beyond the medal. The power of story in sport.

The best sport brands are built around evocative stories that speak to everyone, not just athletes. They are relatable and memorable, and somehow inspire us all to strive for more in life. The great stories are also often about more than just a perfect performance or a world record. They unveil the all-too-human side of sport, demonstrating character and grit in the face of adversity, or even the act of incredible sportsmanship in the heat of competition.

Most sports are defined by their rich history of legend and lore: baseball’s curse of the Bambino; tennis’ battle of the sexes; Maradona’s Hand of God goal; and the list goes on. Even though the modern triathlon is a relatively new sport, dating back to 1974, it was only introduced into the Olympics in 2000, and the Paralympics in 2016.

Canada has played a critical role in the international growth of our sport, while also creating a list of legends of its own long before Simon Whitfield’s golden run when the sport debuted on the Olympic stage in 2000. Joanne Ritchie, Lori Bowden, Peter Reid, Carol Montgomery and many others blazed the trail for Canadian athletes to believe they too can win on the international triathlon circuit.

But, now is the time to shape and build a new era for Triathlon Canada where we will meet the next Simon Whitfield, Stefan Daniel, or Paula Findlay.

So please help us do this by sharing your stories about our sport. We need stories that connect with everyone, whether they have made the incredible commitment required to train for a triathlon of their own or not. We thank you for your help.

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